DIY Rainbow Kitty

I was shopping with my sister and her little bundles of none stop talking joys when my niece the spirit of little chucky suggested I buy a few of these feline ornaments and decorate them….shes into glitter-fying everything at the moment basically she scribbles a few lines then adds an over zealous helping of glue which I have to smear evenly over the A4 paper because god forbid I should be allowed to help no I just have to fix it diligently and quietly like a good PA then its bedazzle with glitter time…its like watching an epileptic break into seizures as she sprinkles sporadically to make a colorful vomit art….I should probably call the Tate if you can put a light switch in a room and call it art or dump trash on the floor and call it I don’t know see why glitter vomit because that’s what it is can’t be crap art that sells for thousands…..its a modern abstract exploration into the human psychosis or whatever babble you want to insert to make shit sound like fancy shit.