I have seen all the twilight movies insert shock horror now but jokes aside…its a film I’ve watched it and I’ve come to the conclusion that they should repackage the whole five films into one bumper movie take out all that teen angst brooding moping pining crapfest that stunk up all four films….the fifth was better because there was no pining since the suicidal girl got her blood sucking love and the wolf got compensated with a baby anyone else feel dirty thinking about that because if you overthink like I do they’ve basically turned Jacob into a pedo grooming his future love….I know I know I’m probably cheapening the whole story down to a base level and its much more pure and beautiful…but from this awkward viewers angle it feels kind of creepy to me……but anyways I prefer the fifth film even with its slight creep factor and the baby with its weird CGI face because I wasn’t having my gag reflexes strained the action scenes were great made me forget I was watching twilight….so they need to go back to editing hack and slash that fat baby down to a slender girl meets boy with a little Romeo and Juliet melodrama add a furry triangle for good measure then throw in few wrenches vengeful vampire here power hungry vampire clan there and you have good movie….instead of the drenched in butter and syrup twisted love story with sparkling vampires and whining werewolves….I’ve never read the books and I’m a firm believer that books are always superior to there cinematic adaptations so who knows maybe the twilight books have just be badly butchered considering its Hollywood I won’t be surprised when one day get around to reading the books and love them…I’ll probably hate the films more for screwing it up.