I love books I have more books then time to read them especially now that I’ve gone digital my eBook collection is skyrocketing its easier when you don’t have to worry about where to put things and I might have to join a monastery do librarians have monastery because they should they are very monk and nun like except for the swearing off sex part well that’s how I imagine them…. they should have an ancient citadel where all the librarians convene take up their holy orders of book worship I would join having made my pilgrimage across treacherous land and sea to become an apprentice in the hidden temple carved into mountain bound by magic to shield it from the outside world…I would spend my librarian years entombed in one of the many rooms crammed with books on the shelves and floor littered with stacks of more books sat by the mouth of a large fire devoting myself to reading….my second ideal fantasy is a cottage but not just a plain old cottage I want one that’s awkward shaped like two houses that have collided together now unable to move must conform to their new status everything inside would be uneven to the point of stubbornness and the cottage would rest in a small village unheard of and rarely ever visited and my awkward house would be cross between a library and cat shelter for the weary travelling cat to stop on its way somewhere a cat inn I suppose…..but at the moment I have to make do with my slow and steady wins the book race that I’m playing with myself….always fun to play with oneself eeeww not in that way dirty dirty minded people.