Discovered by accident okay by boredom most of my regular shows have ended Merlin still mourning that,,,,waiting for return of Game Of Thrones, Longmire, Rizzoli and Isle and not to mention new season of Sherlock…so I thought I give Elementary a go worst case I waste an 1hr of my life….but surprise surprise I like Elementary……starring the very sexy Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes and the funny Lucy Lui as the female Watson….a female Watson are you mad my immediate thought bloody Americans and your meddling ways dammit people is nothing sacred anyways once my rant finished I decided to be fair and give it a go its Sherlock Holmes optimistic me saying they can’t fuck it up that badly but you know what they didn’t they have not sullied Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work he can rest easy and it actually works acting is great the script is great… now I have two Sherlock shows that I can watch starring very sexy British men always a plus love the British accent I personally think is by far the sexist…Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are awesome Elementary is underrated if I hadn’t been trolling for new shows I might never have discovered it…I can’t rely on my family for good shows their all waddling in soapy swamps and reality TV mire and not the good kind of reality TV but the base mind numbing Big Brother ilk basically no substances just people in pursuit of sex and alcohol.