Elementary Its Great

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Discovered by accident okay by boredom most of my regular shows have ended Merlin still mourning that,,,,waiting for return of Game Of Thrones, Longmire, Rizzoli and Isle and not to mention new season of Sherlock…so I thought I give Elementary a go worst case I waste an 1hr of my life….but surprise surprise I like Elementary……starring the very sexy Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes and the funny Lucy Lui as the female Watson….a female Watson are you mad my immediate thought bloody Americans and your meddling ways dammit people is nothing sacred anyways once my rant finished I decided to be fair and give it a go its Sherlock Holmes optimistic me saying they can’t fuck it up that badly but you know what they didn’t they have not sullied Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work he can rest easy and it actually works acting is great the script is great…..so now I have two Sherlock shows that I can watch starring very sexy British men always a plus love the British accent I personally think is by far the sexist…Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are awesome Elementary is underrated if I hadn’t been trolling for new shows I might never have discovered it…I can’t rely on my family for good shows their all waddling in soapy swamps and reality TV mire and not the good kind of reality TV but the base mind numbing Big Brother ilk basically no substances just people in pursuit of sex and alcohol.


Sleeping Beauty

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This Awwwwww moment is perfect with a warm mug of coffee….I need a snuggling cat.

Firefly Love



If you haven’t seen Firefly then you need to I’ve badgered most of my family about this dead incredibly brilliant show since I watched it on the Sci-Fi channel then bought the DVD because this was literally a blink and you missed it show I have a long list of shows that should have been allowed at least 3 seasons…my conclusion TV executives are idiots plain and simple….Josh Wheddon needs turn to animation it worked for Stars Wars it made something shitty thank you prequels into great again…..Firefly is already great it would only be better

YEAH Someone Crazier Than Me

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2013-02-23 08.15.48

While I was involuntarily waiting at the bus stop in this weather someone was choosing to jog in the snowy bitter cold….CHOOSING might I add to jog for fun at 8 am on a Saturday morning I can’t stress enough the sheer strength of will it took not to run after him and ask WHY? my second instinct would have been to slap him and ask are you mental mate….I know why I’m there early in the morning feeling my toes harden from the cold and fingers numbing ready to break off…..because of work….I don’t berate people more active then me but this was extreme jogging and he was wearing shorts SHORTS in this weather while I had my entire wardrobe on.

Enough Already

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2013-02-23 07.01.492013-02-23 08.00.45

This is the 3rd time I’ve uploaded this post….trying my patience’s internet.

Mother Natures bedazzle everything with snow addiction is long over due an intervention like last month over due….this is England cold expected bitter cold sure why not but this much snow especially in the new year….stop it just stop it this is not cool man not cool at all more like cruel torture by snow cruel especially to my poor toes.

Mal: “If anyone…

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Mal: “If anyone gets nosy, just…you know… shoot ’em. ”

Zoe: “Shoot ’em?”

Mal: “Politely.”

Its a shame we can’t do everything the Mal Reynolds way….I will and eternally despise Fox for cancelling this show when you consider the amount of diatribe that is allowed to continue Ad nauseam.

Wrapped UP

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Thanks to the arctic weather I have been imitating the Michelin mans wife layered up from head to toe with clothes finished off with a long knee length heavy black hooded coat trimmed with black and grey fur…oooooh and the gloves can’t forget the gloves to protect those twiglets that i call fingers……of course when the summer season finally arrives for a visit I will only be wrapped up in single layers because the cold won’t be that bad.

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